Cycling Across Ohio Dude!

As an executive member of Columbus Creative Cooperative, it’s my duty to inform you that I’ll be cycling across Ohio this weekend!

250 miles along Historic U.S. Route 40 over three days should be a great time.  If you haven’t yet, check out The Water Cycle Project ( and consider making a donation.

Also, check for updates on the blog and on the Water Cycle Project’s Facebook page this weekend as we post from the road.

It’s a great cause, and a zero-overhead organization.  You can also join us for our Circum-Ohio trip this fall – 900 miles around the perimeter of Ohio.

Nothing gets the old creative juices flowing like 17 hours on a bike seat!

2 thoughts on “Cycling Across Ohio Dude!”

  1. Good evening: I came across this site, as I am looking at doing a similar ride in two years (I’m 53 and need to work up to it). I am curious as to what you have needed to do in terms of creating your route. I am looking at hugging the border of Ohio as much as possible – using Route 7 and Route 52. I do need to drive this, contact ODOT officials and see what parts of these routes are open to bicycle traffic. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  2. As far as I know, the only places you can’t ride in Ohio are the Interstate. It’s great if you have an opportunity to drive it before hand, but Google streetview also comes in handy if you can’t check it out personally.

    The most important thing to remember is always control your lane, no matter how mad it makes the other drivers. It’s way safer than riding in the berm, and you’re a vehicle with a right to the roadway too, they can pass when it’s safe.

    In many cases, you’re safer on a 4-lane roadway than on a country 2-laner, simply because you have better escape routes, drivers are often more aware and you can more comfortably control your lane while drivers pass you.

    For more specifics on my trip, you can check out Happy cycling!

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