Columbus Invitational Arts Competition Literature Division Voting Now Open!

The voting portion of the Columbus Invitational Arts Competition is now open for the literature division!

Columbus Creative Cooperative is proud to partner with this organization to present this content.

To cast your votes, view the scorecard.

The winner of the contest will be determined by the judges provided by the participating groups, but your votes will play an important role.

The competing stories are:

“William Meets Sally” – Sisters in Crime Columbus, Ohio (read | vote)

“Leaving the Nest: Obnoxious Meets Nice” – Ohio Writers’ Guild (read | vote)

“Affirmations” – Fiction Flurry (read | vote)

“Winter Break-In” – Paging Columbus (read | vote)

“The Bull Race” – Columbus Christian Writers Association (read | vote)

“Heart of a Were” – Novels in Progress (read | vote)

Enjoy these stories provided by the Columbus writing community.  May the best organization win!