Capital Offense – Read It!

If you’re on our Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been bothering you about a project put together by several of our members.

Capital OffenseCapital Offense is a serial novel that will be given away completely free in daily installments.  A new chapter will be posted to 4-5 times per week through January 31, 2014.

Upon completion, the book will be released by Columbus Press via traditional distributors in both print and e-book formats.  This is your chance to check out the website and keep up with the action for free!

The story follows Kurt Stevens, appointed executioner for the State of Ohio.  When his wife is murdered, all the evidence points to him as the killer.  In this action packed mystery thriller, Kurt must find the killer before the authorities catch up to him, and must deal with his duty as the state’s sanctioned killer and his duty to true justice.

Check it out at  Follow the book on Facebook or Twitter to get alerts for new chapters.

We love to see our CCC members grab handfuls of the writing community we’ve created and put together cool projects.  There’s only so much we can do as a volunteer-run organization, so it’s phenomenal when our members take the resources we’ve established and make good things happen.

It’s also exciting to see how this release format will pan out.  There’s definitely precedent for the model in other industries, so we’re looking forward to see how successful this can be when books are professionally produced and truly put the reader first.

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