Updates to CCC Vendor Program – Better Rates for Local Authors

We’re always looking for ways to provide the best resources to Ohio authors, and we’ve heard your feedback.

We’ve updated the rates for our Vendor Program.  Authors will now receive a 60/40 split for all books sold (the author will receive 60%).

We will also waive the application fee for all Writer and Sponsor members who apply through July 1 (the normal application fee is $25).

The focus of the program will shift to selling author’s books primarily at festivals and events, with a lower emphasis on brick and mortar stores.  Typically, retailers require higher discounts (which is why we originally required a 55% discount for all books sold), while festivals typically charge a flat booth fee, which gives us more latitude in how we price our books.

At festivals we typically sell books well below list price, so the 40% gives us the opportunity to sell your book at a sale price to the public.  Any sale prices comes out of CCC’s 40%, you’ll still receive the full 60% of the list price, regardless of the price for which we sell your book.

We will still do our best to place your book with permanent retailers whenever possible, but this price change will decrease those opportunities.

It’s our number one goal to provide resources and opportunities for Ohio authors.  We don’t receive donations, so we have to make ends meet in order to continue to provide any help to the community at all.  But when we can make changes to make our programs better for writers and readers, we will.

If you’re interested in selling your books through CCC’s Vendor Program, please contact us for an application.  Learn more about the program here.

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