I am not an Athlete

I am not athletic.  In fact, I find participation in most athletics to be embarrassing.  When I was in the 4th grade, some kid told me I ran funny, and it’s never been the same since.

I tell you this because even though I am not athletic, Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night (JEN) is about the most fun thing ever.

Rougarou JENJEN is like a 5k race, but mixed with a scavenger hunt and a game of tag.  When the event starts, everyone gets a map with the locations of 5 secret checkpoints.  It’s your job to find the checkpoints in order, and get to the end.  The catch is that there are people chasing you (Rougarous), trying to tag you.  If you get tagged, you turn into a Rougarou and are supposed to tag other people.

Each of the checkpoints is a unique experience.  Our theme this year is the Rougarou, which is like a Creole werewolf.  So you can expect each checkpoint to carry that theme and create something really cool.  At each stop, you’ll have to complete some kind of task relevant to the theme before you can move on.

One of the best parts about JEN is that it accommodates any level of athleticism.  Last year there were some fitness types that took off running and completed the whole thing really quickly.

I, on the other hand, sneaked around with my wife and one of our friends, exploring routes and paths through downtown Columbus that we never before knew existed, relying on stealth and cunning to get from place to place.  At one point, we stopped into a bar and had a beer before continuing on — you know, really laying low.

I’m sad to say that my wife and our friend were tagged about 100 yards from the final safe zone at the end of the course.  In a rare bout of athleticism and heroics, I took off, left the ladies to fend for themselves, and sprinted to the safe zone.

Honestly, I don’t even know who “won,” I was just happy to make it to the end “alive.”  And I know that I had a great time getting there.

If you want to run fast and get all sweaty, that’s cool, this event has that for you.  If you want to go for a really cool walk through the city, exploring places you’ve never been and having a good time, JEN has that for you too.  Whatever your style and interest in exercise, this is a really fun event.

Currently, we’re running an IndieGoGo campaign to make this event happen.  Regardless of how much money we raise, we’ll still produce the best event that we can.  But the fundraiser really goes a long way towards making the event fun for non-athletes.

The jocks are going to run and get the thing done like they do at every other 5k, the checkpoints will be a miner inconvenience.  For us non-athletes, we’re there for the experience.  When we get to a checkpoint, we want to feel the Creole rougarou voodoo, and see some really cool stuff.  A lot of the money from our fundraiser will go to props and theatrics for the checkpoints, to create that really neat Rougarou experience that amps up the event value for everyone.

JEN is fun for everyone, regardless of how much money we raise.  But if you could help us push this thing over the top by giving even $5, we can make it even better.

Find the IndieGoGo campaign here.

In any case, I hope that we see you at this event on September 20, 2014.  Maybe you and I can grab a beer halfway through while those jocks expend all their energy.  🙂