If You Attend One Educational Seminar This Year, Make It This One

If you have any intention of publishing a manuscript in the future, near or far, this seminar will be invaluable.

This Wednesday evening at 7pm, Columbus Creative Cooperative will be hosting a “Navigating Publishing” seminar at our headquarters, 2997 Indianola Ave.  Get the details on Facebook here.  This seminar is free and open to the public.

We’re going to talk in depth about the paths available to you once your manuscript is finished, and the relative pros and cons of each path.  With the state of technology, there are so many paths available to you.  Some of them have a high probability of success, some of them almost certainly lead to failure.  And some of them will surprise you!

I give lots of different seminars through the year.  At the end of every one, I get questions (which I love) about “how do you do/find/etc. in the publishing industry?”  Within the other seminars, my answers are always limited.  But this seminar on Wednesday night is where we talk about exactly all of those things that everyone always wants to ask about.

If you read blogs about traditional publishing, independent publishing, self-publishing—there’s a ton of bad information out there.  Everyone is certain that their way is the best.

I’ve worked with people in all three of these industry segments.  We’re going to talk about the brass tacks and statistics of each method of publishing.  The truth is that no single solution is right for everyone.  Hopefully you’ll leave this seminar with a better understanding of which paths are most suitable for you.

Come on out to CCC headquarters on Wednesday night.  You’ll be happy that you did.  We’re a laid-back, casual bunch, so bring a snack or a drink to share if you can.  The seminar will start promptly at 7:00pm.

Questions?  Please contact us.