The Great Novel Contest 2015 Finalists!

The Great Novel Contest 2015Our judges have officially selected The Great Novel Contest 2015 finalists!

We are pleased to carefully consider every manuscript submitted. Every submission received the attention of a live, qualified human being. All judging was conducted “blind” — only the merits of the manuscript were considered, with no knowledge of or consideration of the author’s name or qualifications.

These ten finalists will now be considered by a second group of judges, who will select the winner and the runner-up.

Without further ado, here are the ten finalists, listed in alphabetical order of author’s last name:

The Essential Carl Mahogany by Zach Boddicker

The Galvanized Man by David Day

Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon

Thirst by Jennifer Kelly

Streets of the Lost and Found by Kip Langello

The Tell-Tale Art by Richard Novotney

Blameless by Lee Reilly

Turning the Bones by Sam Scott

The Aroma of Coffee by Judith Weiss-Rivera

Horror Nights by Paul Yoder

Thank you to everyone who submitted a manuscript to The Great Novel Contest 2015. As always, choosing just ten novels to move on as finalists was no easy task. We’re privileged and honored to be trusted with such a tremendous pool of talent.

The winner and runner-up of The Great Novel Contest 2015 will both receive priority consideration from four publishers, as well as cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 respectively.

Thank you to our participating publishers: Columbus Press, Elephant Rock Books, PageSpring Publishing and Raw Dog Screaming Press. Please support great independent literature and check out some of the amazing titles that these publishing houses are producing.

Thank you again to all of those who have participated with The Great Novel Contest 2015, both as candidates and our staff of invaluable volunteers.

Congratulations to these ten finalists!

P.S. Information about our next anthology project, Best of Ohio Short Stories Volume II, is now available to members.  Log in and visit the writers’ forum for details.  Information will be released to the public in the coming weeks.