The Writers’ Forum is Open!

Our Writers’ Workshops come just once a month, but the CCC Writers’ Forum is open 24/7. The Writers’ Forum is a private community where writers can post work 24/7, and receive objective feedback from other writers.

Learn more about our Writers’ Forum here.

The submission period for Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume II is nearing the halfway point. If you’ve yet to submit a story, why not upload your draft to the forum, get some feedback and polish up your submission before you submit? We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing publication, whether with us, or through any other outlet, to seek an honest critique, and then revise, revise, revise.

If something’s not working in your story, find out about it now. Don’t waste your shot with an editor by submitting a story that’s not ready. Get some feedback, use it to make your story better, and THEN submit.

The forum is also a great outlet for those who are unable to make it to our monthly Writers’ Workshops, or anyone who’s looking for immediate feedback on a story.

To ensure we’re facilitating a place for serious exchange, the forum is only open to paid CCC Members. (A Writer Membership is just $15/year.) There are no ads, no trolling, and no self-promotion.

Here’s how to get started on the Writers’ Forum:

If you’re already a CCC Writer Member, simply log into your CCC account, and click on “Writers’ Forum” in the Members Only area of the website.

If you’re not a CCC Member, click here to sign up, and then follow the instructions above.

If you’ve registered for a free CCC Peer account, you can upgrade your membership to gain access to the forum by logging in, and clicking “Upgrade Account.”

Questions about the Writers’ Forum? Contact us here.