The Joy of Argument Flash Essay Contest Ends Friday!

The Joy of Argument Flash Essay Contest closes this Friday, 07/15 at 11:59 p.m. Don’t miss The Joy of Argumentyour shot at one of two $100.00 prizes!

Find complete rules and instructions for entering this contest here. 

Submit the most well-crafted argument you can for the most absurd premise you can think of, wrapping it up in 2,500 characters or less. One top vote earner will win $100.00, and another will be chosen by our esteemed judge Albert Navarra, attorney and author of The Joy of Argument.

Do you think goldfish should be allowed in movie theaters? Should spam be a mandatory side order at all breakfast joints? Would a statue of Jeff Goldblum enhance the natural beauty of your local park?

Convince us.

We’ve received some interesting submissions so far. Browse all entries here, and then submit your own to beat out the competition.

Time’s a tickin’! Click here to submit your own argument.

This neat-o flash essay contest is sponsored by The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra.  Mr. Navarra, together with his publisher, Boyle & Dalton, have graciously supported the organization and provided funding for this contest’s prizes.

The Joy of Argument is a succinct guide to crafting better arguments.  Packed full of helpful tips and concrete strategies for engaging in productive, healthy discussion and disagreement, this book will help you to get more of what you want in life, and less of what you don’t.  Grab a copy from your favorite retailer and start expressing yourself more effectively.

Learn more and find links to retailers at www.JoyofArgument.comThe Joy of Argument is available from all major retailers in both print and digital formats.