“The Joy of Argument” Flash Essay Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted a flash essay to “The Joy of Argument” flash essay contest.  We received lots of ridiculous arguments.  You can browse all of the entries here.

Before we announce the winners, don’t forget to check out The Joy of Argument by Albert The Joy of ArgumentNavarra. This succinct guide to argument is chock full of tips to help you use argument as a tool to get what you want. Mr. Navarra, along with his publisher, Boyle & Dalton, have graciously supported Columbus Creative Cooperative and provided the prizes for this contest.

Learn more about The Joy of Argument here.

There were two contest winners.  One was selected by popular vote, and the other was selected by our esteemed judge, author and attorney Albert Navarra.

Mr. Navarra selected “The Art of Boredom: The One Subject American Schools Lack” by Diane Koffman as his winner. Diane’s piece was selected from the pool of entries based on the effectiveness of her argument, as well as the creativity demonstrated in choosing an absurd subject for which to argue. Vote count was not considered in this selection.

Nice work, Diane! Bragging rights are yours, and you’ve got $100 in prize money headed your way.

Read “The Art of Boredom” by Diane Koffman here. 

Now for your votes. Drum roll!

The top vote earner with 178 votes is “Taking Recycling to the Next Level” by Bob Garrett. Congratulations, Bob! Popular vote just netted you $100 in prize money.

Read “Taking Recycling to the Next Level” by Bob Garrett by clicking here. 

Special thanks goes to Albert Navarra and his publisher, Boyle & Dalton. If you’ve enjoyed this contest (or you need help becoming better at crafting your own arguments), consider checking out The Joy of Argument.

Thanks also to all the contestants who entered their best arguments. Absurd arguments were plentiful, which made for a fun judging process. Read all of the entries here.