Spooky, existential-terror critical reading is tonight!

Did you get a chance to read Stephen King’s The Jaunt yet? If you haven’t, there’s still (boundless, infinite, terrifying, insanity-inducing) time.

Tonight’s meet up (10/18) will be at 7pm at the restaurant of the Double Tree Suites downtown.

Here’s this week’s questions for you to mull over before the meet up:

1) What was the engine that drove this story for you? What kept you turning pages?

2) Where there any details that seemed perfect? That really stuck with you?

3) Did you get a sense of rising tension in the story? If so, what provided it?

4) The story uses an usual structure, shifting back and forth between the airport setting and the historical discovery of the jaunt–did you feel like this shift in perspective was successful? What did it add to the story?

5) How did you feel about the story’s “allocation of resources,” e.g. the amount of time spent on the history of the jaunt versus the amount of time spent on character development?

That’s it for my questions, but feel free to bring your own!

 Each month, the critical reading workshop meets to read the work of a published author from a writer’s perspective, breaking down what makes the story work and why. It’s one of the best ways you can improve as a writer. Never been to a workshop? Check out our FAQ.

This event is free and open to the public, and you do not need to be a CCC member to attend.

The Doubletree Suites Hotel is located at 50 S Front St. Columbus 43215. The first six floors of the building are a parking garage, and the floor above that is marked “Lobby”—that’s where we’ll be. On that floor is a swanky pub/restaurant. You can park either in the aforementioned parking garage or at the meters right outside the building on Front St. If you’re parked in the garage, you don’t need to leave the building, simply find the elevator and take it up to the floor marked “Lobby.” If you’re on the street, go through the sliding doors and the elevators will be on your right.