2020 Author Development Courses
Make 2020 Your Year for Big Progress
Take Your Writing to Pro-Level

The Skills to Set You Apart

Writers face a dual burden. You need to confidently invest your time writing, while simultaneously building an audience or “author’s platform.”

How do you do both at once? It can be challenging. It’s even more challenging when you’re not confident that you’re investing your time and energy in the right things. And sadly, if you’re following trending advice on the internet, you might be wasting a lot of time and energy.

Let's fix that and make this your year for big progress.

Writers need a guide. There are no extra points for figuring it out on your own. You need someone with experience to help you get from one side to the other, and to help you invest effectively in yourself.

Our 2020 Author Development Courses are designed to address all of the core tasks and functions that an aspiring writer needs to master in order to take their career to the next level. These courses will fill you with confidence. You will understand the actions that you need to take to reach your goals, and you'll be empowered to move forward confidently.

All of our 2020 classes are offered online. You may register for the whole series (and you’ll receive a big discount if you do), or you may register for the specific course topics you’d like to attend. You may attend the class live online or watch the video for up to 7 days following each class.

While the topics do build on each other, you can jump in at any point in the series and begin applying what you learn.

This can be your year to change everything. It's your time to move forward with confidence.

No more false starts. This is your year to make it happen.

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All classes will be held live at 7pm ET on Thursday evenings. If you can't make the live class, you can watch a video of the class for 7 days.

The 2020 course calendar includes:

Novel Writing Intensive (4 classes) - January 9-30 - COMPLETE

This 4-week class series will teach you how to develop, organize, and execute a narrative novel concept. This class includes an in-depth look at the structure and elements of successful stories, and coaches you through applying those elements to your novel. This method even works if you presently have no original ideas for a novel, but simpy know you'd like to write one. This class series also includes strategies for productivity and time management to ensure that you complete a manuscript by September 2020.

Want a sample? Check out this video on novel structure on the Ohio Writers' Association's Facebook page (click here) »

Author Development Courses (19 classes) - February 13 - August 13

These classes will help you effectively establish a marketing and professional foundation for your work, which will be an invaluable asset should you decide to pursue traditional publishing or self-publishing. Each class includes specific instructions that you can begin applying right away. If you follow all of the instructions, you will have a firmly established and growing marketing platform by September 2020.

On the next page you can choose specific classes within each topic that you would like to attend, if you don't wish to take the full course. The general subjects to be covered are:

Want a sample? Check out this brief video on the three paths of the publishing industry on the Ohio Writers' Association's Facebook page (click here) »


Professional Development Courses:
Complete Set of 19 classes: $949. (Members pay $799*)
Individual Classes: $59 per class (Members pay $49*)

You may also register for "bundles" of classes. Click through to the registration page to see the calendar and pricing.

*Ohio Writers' Association "Writer" level members and higher receive the discounted rate.

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Meet the Instructor

Brad Pauquette

This course will be taught by Ohio Writers' Association President Brad Pauquette.

Brad is an experienced publishing executive specializing in new author development. His client list includes New York Times bestselling authors, professional athletes, and lots of novice writers with big ideas. He’s been working with new authors to develop award-winning books since 2009.

Brad has helped hundreds of writers just like you to write great books and to develop their audiences. Brad is patient and understanding, with proven expertise in his field and a teacher's heart.

"Brad Pauquette helped me find my voice as an author. His strategic yet creative approach to writing helped me transform my story from words to sales."

— Christopher Stollar, award-winning author of The Black Lens

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not in Ohio, can I still join and take classes?

Absolutely. You may still join the OWA and take classes. All of these classes are offered remotely, online.

What if I need to miss a class?

No problem. While the classes are offered live and interactive for students who can make it, if you miss a class (or if you would prefer to watch the recording for any reason), you can watch a video recording of the class for 7 days after the live class.

How do the video classes work?

We use the Zoom video interface. It's very easy to use, and works on virtually any device—a computer, phone, or tablet. You can ask questions and interact just like an in-person class. If you prefer not to interact, you also have the choice to leave your camera and microphone off. You'll receive an email with a special link about 15 minutes prior to each live class. You'll simply follow the link to login and attend the class. The day after the class is complete, you'll receive a new link to a recording of the class. You may watch it as many times as you'd like, until it expires 7 days later.

Do I have to take the full series, or can I just take a few classes?

You may pick and choose which classes you'd like to take. However, there is a big discount for members who sign up for the full class series. Note that that novel writing class must be taken as a complete series of 4 classes.

Will I miss a lot if I just take a few classes? Are there prerequisites?

The classes all reinforce each other, so there's great value to taking them all. However, most classes can be taken independently and will work as a standalone topic. On the registration page, you'll see that the classes are grouped into series, and some classes have a note that other classes in the series are helpful prerequisites. In some cases, you may feel comfortable skipping a prerequisite based on your experience and previous knowledge, that's totally up to you. However, generally speaking, the class won't take time to address questions which were covered in a previous unit.

Can I become a member right now and get the discounted rate?

Definitely. Follow the button to "register now" and there'll be an option to become a paid member on the next page.

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