The “Origins” Theme

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on our “origins” theme.  I want to tell you, don’t be scared off.

Almost every story is a story of some origin or another.  Your work doesn’t need to be strictly about an origin, like the origin of the universe, to qualify.

If you’ve constructed a character’s motivation for action and included the character’s background, that’s an origin.

If a character is overcoming a problem with a definitive beginning, that’s also an origin.

If any element of your story has a beginning, that’s an origin.  If an element has a definitive end, in many cases, there’s an implied origin.  You see?  You can’t lose.

We use a (secret) 30 point rubric to initially evaluate all of our submissions.  Spoiler alert: 2 points are allotted for whether or not the story fits the suggested theme.  A good story can overcome.

If you’re in doubt about whether or not your story is an “origins” story, please consider submitting it anyway.  We’d love to read as much local work as possible before selecting our final candidates.

To submit your work, here are instructions.

Any questions?  Please ask!