Publications Guidelines: PG-13 Content

Note:  These guidelines apply to work submitted for publication only, you’re welcome to submit anything you’d like for feedback at a workshop.

Columbus Creative Cooperative anthologies are distributed to a unique market.  Most of our books are sold at local coffee shops, bakeries and markets.

It’s not our intention to censor anyone, but out of respect for our valued retailers we do have to pay a little bit of attention to the content we publish and leave lying around on their countertops.

Submitted work should follow PG-13 guidelines.  This means that adult elements are OK, but care should be taken in their presentation.  Here are some guidelines:

Language: Profanity with purpose is fine.  It’s a great way to establish character and extend extra emphasis to a situation.  If it’s not serving this purpose, though, it should be cut.  Our general rule is that the F-word may be used once with purpose, and only in a non-sexual context.

Violence: Violence is normally OK, just so it’s not excessive.  Detailing the path of a bullet through a crowd is probably OK, describing in minute detail a gory mutilation that doesn’t further the plot is probably not.

Sexuality: This is often the most sensitive issue.  People have sex and it effects their lives.  Of course this can be a part of your story.  However, ideally we’re looking for the “cut to the fireplace” scenario.  Mention of sexual acts is normally fine, graphic description of sexual activity and/or body parts is usually not.

Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Criminal Activity: Almost always OK, just so your work couldn’t be used as a how-to guide on shooting up heroine.  🙂

We’re not looking to filter out any great work, and your story won’t automatically be tossed if it doesn’t fit these guidelines.  If you submit a great story with graphic content, we’ll certainly work with you to find a compromise that represents your artistic vision and also respects the casual coffee fetcher.

Thanks!  Please contact us with any questions.