“Shoes” Flash Fiction Contest Judge #2 – “Perceived Threat” by Rocky Lewis

Our second “Shoes” flash fiction contest judge, Brenda Layman, has chosen “Perceived Thread” by Rocky Lewis as a winner!

According to Brenda, “Lewis chose a heart-rending scenario, that of a parent whose child ‘isn’t normal.’ The narrator speaks of the ‘critic column,’ that growing list of people who have negative things to relate about the problem child, and about the sense of disorientation that comes with being the parent of a child who does not fulfill happy expectations. Terse dialog carries the reader through the conflict. The stolen shoes, the victim’s tears, the teacher’s grim efforts to restore order, the parent’s shame, and Sam’s defiance are deftly presented in just a few lines. Lewis handles an explosive subject with powerful restraint, creating a tender portrayal of sorrow, confusion, and love.

Congratulations Rocky, by week’s end you have at east $15 in Amazon.com gift cards coming your way.  Three more judges have yet to give away an additional $45 in Amazon.com gift cards.

Our judge, Brenda Layman, is the owner and operator of Select-Authors.com, as well as a regular contributor to Columbus Underground.  Her story “A Fish Story” was published in Columbus Creative Cooperative’s newest anthology, Across Town: Stories of Columbus.

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  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m flattered by Brenda’s kind words. I will now go hang them near my computer to keep me going on those tough days. 🙂 Thanks again for the contest and the wonderful website, and I will see you all at one of your 2012 writing workshops.

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