Bicentennial Columbus Anthology: Official Theme Announcement

UPDATE: For full submission guidelines (in addition to the theme information below), click here.

Get your pencils ready.

The theme for the Bicentennial Columbus anthology, will be “Columbus Past, Present and Future.”

All stories must be at least partially set in Columbus, Ohio between the years 1812 and 2212.  That’s from Columbus, Ohio’s founding 200 years ago, to 200 years from today.

Your story should include the year as the first element in the title.  Such as “1842: Blackbeard’s Revenge,” or “2186: Whitebeard’s Restitution.”

We’ll be looking for approximately 1/3 of the stories to be historical fiction from the period 1812 through 1989, scattered along that time frame, 1/3 of the stories from the present day (1990-2030), and 1/3 of the stories to be of Columbus future 2030 to 2212.

Historical fiction submissions do not need to be historically accurate, and they do not need to be centered around a historical event, but they must be period accurate and they must resolve with the present.  For instance, you can have a zombie outbreak in 1860 (just so it’s properly justified with technology of the period) that’s resolved and hidden in secrecy, but you can’t have the city leveled in 1950 by an atomic bomb.

Strong preference will be given to Ohio writers.

We’ll have a hard word count limit of 10,000 words, stories longer than 10,000 words will not be accepted.  There is no minimum word count.  As with all of our anthologies, content should not exceed reasonable PG-13 guidelines.

Online submissions will be open from April 23 through May 25.

That means there are five Columbus Creative Cooperative writers’ workshops before the submission deadline (not counting tonight).  Don’t wait, get started today and get your story in front of as many workshops as you can.

We’ll be distributing more details in the following days and weeks, but if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Do you accept creative nonfiction?
    Please keep me updated with your anthology needs.

    1. Yes, we absolutely accept nonfiction as well. However, we are looking for narratives, so creative nonfiction should be in story form and will be evaluated along the same parameters as fiction, with an emphasis on narrative structure, plot development and complete characters.

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