“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest Judges’ Choice Winners!

It’s time to announce the judges’ choice winners for our “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest!

This contest was judged by Birney Reed, author of “Rerun” (included in While You Were Out anthology), and Amy S. Dalrymple, one of our editors for While You Were Out.

These two judges generously read every submission and selected the winners based on overall writing quality, ability to clearly develop plot and characters in a short amount of time, and how well and creatively the random images were integrated into the story.

Grand Prize: Congratulations to Rachel Crow, author of “Blink”.  You’ve won an Amazon Kindle!  Great work developing your characters.

Second Place: Congratulations to Casey McCarty and her story “Hatchling on the Riverfront”!  You’ve won a $25 Amazon gift card.  Thanks for the fantastic and very creative story.

You can browse all of the flash fiction stories here.

Honorable Mention:

All of the stories contributed by authors previously published by CCC.  Find a list here. These stories weren’t eligible to win prizes, but many of them were fantastic.

“Spot” by Carla Dotters

“Pizza on a Purple Planet” by Heather Constantinescu

“Going Home” by Ronald Gillespie

These stories demonstrated great quality of writing and creative use of the random images, and were close contenders for our prizes.

Other Winners:

Find our popular vote winners here.

Find the random voter who won an Amazon Kindle here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Flash Fiction Contest.  We hope you enjoyed it!  We run contests like this one to encourage our writing community to engage each other, promote their writing and have fun with the written word.  We hope that it was successful for all of our writers!

Don’t forget, the deadline for submitting work for consideration for our Bicentennial Columbus anthology project is Sunday night (May 27, 2012)!  Get the details.