Opportunity for Creative Non-Fiction Writers

Columbus Creative Cooperative is putting together a book of essays and character driven creative non-fiction pieces about persons in Central Ohio who are making the world a better place.

We’re looking for non-fiction writers to write a piece for the project.

This project will exist outside of our regular anthology schedule, and will operate differently.  There will not be an open call for submissions from the public for this project, instead, interested writers should apply to participate in the project now.  The selection process is simple, don’t be afraid to put your bid in.  Selected writers will take their assignment and complete it by the deadline established by the project coordinator.

You can apply with a project/person to write about already in mind, or you can just bring your talents to the table and our project coordinator can assign you something.

Contributors will not be paid for this project, instead, all proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit, non-partisan organization, to be determined.

For complete information, please download this PDF.

Questions?  Please contact the project coordinator at SelflessProject@ohiowriters.org.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity for Creative Non-Fiction Writers”

  1. I am writing in regards to the selfless project, world-savers writing. I am currently working on a submission dealing with the concept of saving the world two or three people at a time. The piece focuses on a couple, Rosie and Phil. Rosie is a patient in an Alzheimer’s wing at The Laurels in Worthington. Phil was constantly at her side. The story focuses on the message Phil sent to anyone who saw him; it was okay to have the feelings a family member has. This message is elaborated upon in the submission. I’m not sure where to send this message, so if i could be advised I would greatly appreciate it.

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