Poetry Call – Ides of March Poetry Book – Official Theme Announcement

Et tu, Brutus (the Buckeye?) Next spring, Columbus Creative Cooperative will be releasing a collection of poems from Columbus writers. The theme and title (and release date): Ides of March.

Interpret this theme however you see fit, poets! We welcome your poems about betrayal, power, Rome, Caesar salad, warnings and prophecies, soothsayers and palm-readers, toga parties, politics, middles and halfway points, spring, Shakespeare in the park, and any other variation of the theme. Try us.

Hannah Stephenson, fantastic poet of Paging Columbus and The Storialist, will be our managing editor for this project.

We’ll collect work during the month of November.  Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, get writing and keep your eyes out for a special poetry-only workshop in November!