Final Day of Twitter Micro-Fiction Contest – No Theme

It’s Day 5, Friday, the final day, of our Twitter Micro-Fiction contest, brought to you by Capital Offense. New chapters of this crime thriller are released every day, for free, at

Keep tweeting us those great stories.  Be sure to include @columbuscoop and the hashtag #FFC.

Find all of the rules and instructions here.

There is no theme today.  Just so your story fits into a single tweet, send it to us.

Today’s winner will take home a $10 gift card, and have a chance to be named the Grand Champion (and win an Amazon Kindle) at the end of the week.  Kurt Stevens, author of Capital Offense, will choose today’s winner.  Today’s winner will be announced tomorrow (Saturday).

This contest is sponsored by Capital Offense.  Check it out at or find @CapOffense on Twitter.

We’ll announce the winner of Tuesday’s contest (theme “Justice”) later today.  Stay tuned!