Spooooky Flash Fiction Contest Winners Announced

Damn. It got Spooooky up in here.  Not just regular spooky either, I’m talking full-bore four-o spooooky.

Our Spooooky Flash Fiction Contest is now complete!  We’ve got ten winners to announce.

Best of Ohio Short StoriesEach author was given three random images and asked to write a spooooky story based on the provided images.  This contest was brought to you by the release of Best of Ohio Short Stories, our newest anthology.

You can browse all of the flash fiction entries here.

Popular Vote

Three winners were chosen by popular vote.  The top vote earner wins, and two more of the top 10 vote earners were also randomly selected to take a home a copy of Columbus: Past, Present and Future.

Our winners are:
“Blow” by Adam Koeth
“Transit” by Matthew Seabaugh
“Memories” by Benjamin Miller

Nice work!  Congratulations to all three winners.

Judges Finalists

Three stories were selected by CCC judges as finalists.  Vote count did NOT factor into the decision.

Our judges were looking for stories that successfully created character and plot, with effective use of imagery and dialog, and which created a story larger than the text on the page.

Seven in a Jeep by Ed GaydosEach finalist will receive an autographed copy of Seven in a Jeep by Ed Gaydos.

Our three finalists, as selected by CCC judges are:

“Blow” by Adam Koeth
“Destiny Averted” by Craig Lovelace
“A Pact with a Poltergeist” by Heather Constantinescu

Nice work finalists!  The three of you put together excellent stories in a very short amount of time.  You’ve each got a copy of Seven in a Jeep on the way!

The Grand Champion

One of the finalists has been selected as the grand champion.  Vote count did not factor into the selection of the grand champion.  Ultimately, we chose the story that was the spooookiest!

Congratulation to Adam Koeth, your story “Blow” is our grand champion!  You’ve won your choice of an Amazon Kindle or a $50 Amazon.com gift card!

Read “Blow” by Adam Koeth here. Excellent work, Adam!

Three more random voters will also be contacted and sent a copy of Columbus: Past, Present and Future.  Thanks to everyone who voted in our contest!

Don’t forget to check out our newest anthology, Best of Ohio Short Stories!  If you enjoyed this contest, please support Columbus Creative Cooperative by purchasing a copy of this great anthology, or becoming a member.

A special thanks goes out to Columbus Press and Ed Gaydos for donating three autographed copies of Seven in a Jeep: A Memoir of the Vietnam War to be used as prizes.  Find more information about the book at www.SeveninaJeep.com.

And finally, thank you to all of the contestants who entered stories.  There were lots of great stories, you can find them all here.