Black Friday Special – Absolutely Nothing

A while back, Emily Hitchcock and I briefly tossed around the idea of some kind of Black Friday sale for our books that we sell here on our website.

Ultimately, we decided not to participate in that nonsense.  There’s something genuinely bizarre about the Christmas consumeristic craze, and almost troubling, and I’d rather not be a part of it.

That’s not to say that I don’t want you to buy our books.  I do.  In fact, we need you to buy books in order for our organization to continue to operate.  If you like books, or you have a friend who likes books, I hope that you buy them one of ours for a Christmas present.

I even hope that you buy our books on Friday, or Thursday, or Wednesday at 11:30pm. But it’s just as well if you buy them next Tuesday, or two weeks from now.

Part of being a cooperative is not just cooperation amongst our members (the producers of our content), but also cooperation between the producers and the consumers.  When we produce a book, we’re saying, “this is a good product at a good price.”  While we run specials from time to time to help spread the word about our books, if we could consistently offer our products for a better price, we would.

I really do hope that you buy some of our books for holiday presents this year.  But this Thursday, Friday, whenever shopping is supposed to begin, I hope that we can all just relax.  The intent of a holiday is to set aside a day when everyone can agree to let our business tendencies rest.  In a competitive market it only works if it’s a mutually respected agreement.

It’s no secret that Columbus Creative Cooperative is a very small player.  But nonetheless, we are conscientiously objecting to the the Black Friday, Internet Monday, blah blah blah this year.

I hope you buy our books.  Please buy our books for holiday presents.  But do it when it’s convenient, pleasant and gratifying for you.  I hope that our books bring joy to you and others.

Happy Thanksgiving!