What I’m Thankful For

We get to do a lot of cool stuff at CCC.  As a result, we have a lot of things to be thankful for.

Of course, I’m thankful for the writers, and the books we’ve produced, and the people who have supported us by becoming members and buying books.  But let me tell you what warms my heart.

We offered our first novel class this year. It was a six month course, and the attendees were split into partners for the duration.  It made me so happy to see some of those partnerships blossom into genuine platonic friendships.  The kind of friendships that can support each other not just in writing, but in life and through the grime and muck of getting through each day believing there’s something more for you.

The kind of friends that aren’t just slogging through the material in the course and then parting ways, but who meet for dinner before class, workout or read books together, or go to each other’s family birthday parties.

Writing comes and goes, success is elusive and fleeting.    But this kind of community enriches us all.  It is undeniably good.

I’m also thankful that sometimes people leave.  Every once in a while, suddenly three or four solid writers will stop showing up to workshops.  It’s not because they don’t like us anymore, but because through the workshops they’ve found a method of critically encountering each other’s work and they’ve found other writers they can trust.  It makes more sense for them to branch off into their own closed workshop for a while.

That’s a beautiful thing.  Knowing that we’re not creating dependents makes me feel good.  We’re empowering writers to take things to the next level, and we’re providing a community from which they can mine stronger relationships that will last from project to project, and hopefully result in real, lasting friendships too.  We’re creating writers who can do things well, with or without us.

As a cooperative, we get to do some really cool things in a low pressure environment.  But the coolest thing of all is when people really cooperate.

I’m so thankful that somehow we’re becoming, and constantly evolving into, a real community of vibrant people and a platform from which our members can launch themselves onto bigger and better things, and hopefully drag a few others along with them.

Thanks for being a part of our community.  Anybody can produce good books if they want it bad enough, but this is something special.

Happy Thanksgiving.