Triskaidekan Sale-This Week Only!

This week only, nab a copy of Triskaidekan: 13 Stories for 2013 on the CCC website for just $5! Trisk sale (It normally sells for $14.95.)

Get your copy here.

The thirteen short stories in this anthology are all based around the number 13. You’ll find suspense, drama, romance, literary fiction, adventure, science fiction and horror.

Triskaideka is a prefix referring to “thirteen,” as in triskaidekalets (thirteen babies), triskaidekacycle (a vehicle with thirteen wheels), and triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13). We think you’ll enjoy reading how each author uniquely incorporated the number 13 into their story.

This sale is open to everyone. You do NOT have to be a CCC member to get this book at a bargain.

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