Thank You for the Anthology Submissions!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a short story for consideration for our For the Road anthology!  We appreciate every submission, and every single story we receive will be considered by a live human being.

Where do we go from here?

Next, out Writer Members will help us to review all of the stories we’ve received, and to narrow down the list to the best submissions.  At that point, our book editors will take the remaining group and select the stories that will be best for this particular book.

It will take us many weeks to finish this process.  In August, we’ll be in touch with everyone who submitted a story, to alert you of the status of your story.

Please do not e-mail regarding the status of your story, unless you haven’t heard from us by August 15.

Thank you again for submitting.  We wouldn’t be able to produce anthologies of the quality that we do if you didn’t give us such an amazing pool of stories from which to choose.