Pre-Register for Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night

Rougarou JENRougarou: Journey to the End of the Night is just two weeks away!

Will you do us a favor?  You don’t have to carry anything, or give money, or show up early.  If you’re planning on coming, will you take two minutes to pre-register on EventBrite?  It’s free and easy.

Click here to visit the EventBrite page.

Thanks to the many people who have already pre-registered.  Registration helps us tremendously by giving us some insight into the number of people who might show up.

Rougarou TShirtMost of the registration options are free, but there’s also a “registration package” available which includes a copy of Hagridden (the book the Rougarou theme is based on) and an awesome American Apparel t-shirt from Outfit Good, all for just $35.  You’ll be able to purchase these things at the event as well, but probably not for that cheap.

Whether you want the package or not is up to you.  But in any case, if you think you’re likely to attend, hop on over to EventBrite for us and claim your ticket.  We really appreciate it.

Have questions or want to volunteer for this event?  Please contact us, or visit