Publisher Spotlight — Raw Dog Screaming Press

The 2015 Great Novel Contest is open for submissions! If you’re planning on submitting raw_dog_screaming_press_logoyour manuscript, now’s the time to put the finishing touches on your novel and submit it for consideration.

We’ve made some big changes to the contest this year. The winner of this year’s contest will receive $1,000 AND priority consideration from four independent publishers. The runner up will receive $500 and priority consideration from the same publishers. We’ve also lowered the entry fee to $25.

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Raw Dog Screaming Press is one of our four participating publishers. If you are The Great Novel Contest  grand prize winner, or the runner up, your manuscript will bypass the slush pile and go straight to the eyes of their editors. They are not open for submissions for this time, which means The Great Novel Contest winners will receive exclusive consideration from their editors.

We recently had a chat with Jennifer Barnes, founding editor at RDSP, to learn more about this non-traditional participating publisher.

Raw Dog Screaming Press was founded eleven years ago as an answer to a need for cross-genre publishers. “Back then, New York publishers weren’t considering cross-genre works and things that weren’t easily categorized. But these are the kinds of books I like to read, and we thought they should still be published,” Barnes said.

As the publishing industry changed over the years Raw Dog adapted and expanded their catalog of titles to incorporate a variety of genres. Their tagline says it best: “Raw Dog Screaming Press is dedicated to putting into print the highest quality literature from the fringe. If it’s dark, deviant, off-kilter and thought provoking we will sniff it out.”

Working closely with authors to achieve their vision and utilizing creative marketing tactics are part of what Barnes said she enjoys most about RDSP. Raw Dog’s repertoire of books include such notable authors as Ohio native Matt Betts, whose debut novel, Odd Men Out, has been nominated for the prestigious Eric Hoffer award.

Browse books published by Raw Dog Screaming Press here.

Barnes said she considers the story, but also the language on a sentence-to-sentence level when reading a submission. “I start getting excited when I read a page or two, and this is going to sound a little weird, but when the sentences are smooth, not awkward, and the story and the style are working together,” Barnes said.

We’re thrilled to have Raw Dog Screaming Press as a participating publisher in The Great Novel Contest 2015. The contest closes on January 31, 2015. Submit your manuscript today!

Stay tuned for publisher spotlights on each of the other three participating publishers.

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