Publisher Spotlight: PageSpring Publishing

As of January 1, The Great Novel Contest 2015 is officially open! It’s time to stop The Great Novel Contest 2015procrastinating, and submit your novel.

We’ve made some big changes to the contest this year. The winner of this year’s contest will receive $1,000 and priority consideration from four independent publishers. The runner up will receive $500 and priority consideration from the same publishers. We’ve also lowered the entry fee to $25.

Find the contest rules and instructions for entering here.

PageSpring Publishing is one of four participating publishers. If you are The Great Novel Contest grand prize winner, or the runner up, your manuscript will bypass the slush pile and go straight to the eyes of their editors.

We recently exchanged emails with Rebecca Seum from PageSpring Publishing to learn more about this participating publisher.

CCC: Tell me a little about PageSpring Publishing. Why were you founded, and when?

PS: We saw that there were very worthy manuscripts out there that weren’t getting published. Many publishers are wary of taking chances on first-time authors and many are only searching for the next breakout bestseller. Meanwhile, readers were hungry for quality books. We founded the company in 2012 with a mission to turn those manuscripts into books and bring them to readers.

CCC: I found this on your website: “We believe that the best part of reading is discovering a book that speaks to you, a book for which you will postpone dinner, or sleep, or even calling your mother…just to finish one more chapter.” Can you elaborate? How do you find your readers relate to the books you publish?

PS: Before we were ever editors or publishers, we were readers. You know that feeling when you pick up a book and find you just have to keep turning pages? Or you identify so fully with a character that you’d swear she was real? As a reader, there’s nothing better than finding a book that speaks to you that way. It’s intensely gratifying when we’re able to give that experience to a fellow reader.

CCC: What do you look for in a manuscript when you’re considering it for publication? What gets you excited about a book in the first few pages?

PS: Nothing speaks louder than characters. If a character is fully developed, his or her voice will come through in the first pages, and I’ll know there’s something there.

CCC: What’s your favorite thing about PageSpring?

PS: What ISN’T my favorite thing? With a smaller company, you get to have at least a part in all of the different aspects of the whole process, from discovering a gem in the slushpile, to working with authors to shape a manuscript that is almost but not quite there, to collaborating on cover design, to sending the book out into the world, and even determining the best way to bring it in front of readers. Could there be a better job in this world? I think not.

CCC: Do you have any advice for authors who are trying to get published? (Or for The Great Novel Contest hopefuls!)

PS: Writing a novel is hard. there are thousands of moving parts in a novel, and there are no shortcuts to getting them all to work together. The best advice I have for authors is to always consider the reader experience when crafting their work. If you view each of those parts through the lens of what it gives to the reader, you’ll ultimately end up with a satisfying book.

CCC: What are you working on currently that you’re excited about?

PS: We are very proud to have just released our tenth title, Tales from Suburbia: You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Live Here, but It Helps. The book is in turn hilarious and heartwarming–just a purely enjoyable read. Coming up next, we’re very excited to be releasing our first sequel. Author Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa’s Hide nor Hair is a sequel to our cozy mystery New Math Is Murder.

We’re thrilled to have PageSpring as a participating publisher in The Great Novel Contest 2015. The contest closes on January 31, 2015. Submit your manuscript today!

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