Guest Post: Christopher Stollar on The Great Novel Contest 2015

The Great Novel Contest is underway! Each year we receive tons of submissions from The Great Novel Contest 2015talented authors who have worked hard to perfect their manuscript. We recently had a chat with CCC Member Christopher Stollar, who is submitting his first novel to The Great Novel Contest this year.

Find the contest rules and instructions for entering here.

CCC: Did you submit to last year’s novel contest?

Christopher: I didn’t submit to last year’s contest because I wanted the writers at Columbus Creative Cooperative to critique my manuscript first — and hopefully find all of its flaws before the judges do.

CCC: Why did you decide to submit to TGNC 2015? Did you have any reservations?

Christopher: I didn’t have any reservations. In fact, I wanted to see how well my novel could fight among the competition.

CCC: What are you submitting?

Christopher: I’m submitting my first book, The Black Lens. It’s a dark psychological mystery  about a teenage girl and her sister who fight back at the pimp that forces them into sex trafficking in a small American town.

CCC: That sounds really interesting! What did you do to prepare your novel for submission to The Great Novel Contest?

Christopher: I have spent the last three years researching, writing and editing my manuscript. That includes interviews with prostitutes, police officers and social workers. Most recently, I have spent the past three months making dozens of edits suggested by the writers at Columbus Creative Cooperative.

CCC: Have you submitted to any novel contests in the past?

Christopher: This is my first novel and contest.

CCC: What part of the contest are you most excited about?

Christopher: I’m excited to see if my book makes it into the top 10. That would give me an objective sense of encouragement, which my mom just can’t provide.

CCC: Have you shopped your novel around to publishers?

Christopher: I have pitched my manuscript to 44 agents since Aug. 29. So far, 17 have gotten back to me with rejection letters. However, I did receive one encouraging comment from an agent: “Your book has an interesting synopsis, exploring the shady world of sex trafficking and using photography as a weapon against it.”

CCC: If you win, how will you spend your prize money?

Christopher: I will donate a portion to a nonprofit organization that fights sex trafficking. Then I will put the rest of the prize money toward a trip with my wife. she has spent the past three years both encouraging and critiquing my work — and she deserves a break.

CCC: Who has helped you along the way with your novel?

Christopher: I have relied each day on God, the Great Author, my mom, who kindled my love for writing, my wife, who kept those embers burning, and more than a dozen writers who torched my drafts until one survived the fire.

CCC: Why do you write?

Christopher: I love the thrill of creating a new world, one that belongs just to you, your characters — and any reader who wants to join.

Find rules and instructions for entering The Great Novel Contest here. Submit your novel before January 31, 2015 for a chance to win $1000 and priority consideration from four independent publishers. 

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  1. I’m cheering for you Christopher! Excited to see you succeed in your pursuits and read your novels when you get published 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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