Guest Post: R.K. Blessing on The Great Novel Contest

We recently had a chat The Great Novel Contest 2015with Columbus Publishing Lab author R.K. Blessing to get his perspective on The Great Novel Contest, and learn about his writing process. Check out his guest post below, and don’t forget to submit your novel to the contest before the January 31 deadline!

Find rules and instructions for entering The Great Novel Contest here.

It was brought to my attention that this month CCC would be hosting The Great Novel Contest. I was recently asked, what’s so great about The Great Novel Contest? Why do it? Well, here’s my answer.

Writing is difficult. It takes time and dedication, and for those of us who can get past those two humps, we then have to deal with the process of publication. For those who are sitting at home, staring blindly at the Internet and wondering what to do next, this contest offers a great opportunity to get yourself out there.

I completed two manuscripts before I published my first book, Clare R. They were goofy and clunky with poorly developed characters, but the inspiration I had to write Clare R. was incredible. I kept at it until finally a story started coming together that I thought was much more fun and well thought out.

If you keep an open mind, inspiration can come from all sorts of places. I had a lot of really awesome story ideas come about while traveling last year. One of my characters was born while I was traveling down south on an airplane.

Writing may not seem that hard, but the difficulty is in avoiding distractions. I find writing to be very therapeutic and so I make time for it, especially after a frustrating day at work. I get a kind of high after writing something that I hope will make people emotional.

So if you have an idea, get a move on and get writing. CCC hosts a great team of supportive folks who can answer questions along the way, and they want writers to be successful. You have two weeks to put something together. If you have been holding onto something, waiting for that right moment, here’s your chance!

Happy writing, folks, and GOOD LUCK!

-R.K. Blessing

R.K. Blessing is the author of the romantic comedy Clare R. (Proving Press, 2014). Find it on here. His second book is currently in production, and will be published by Boyle & Dalton in Spring, 2015.