An Ode to the Incredible, Irreplaceable, Guitar Rocking, Hockey Stopping Steve Knapp

We’ve seen a lot of good things around Columbus Creative Cooperative in the past couple of years.  We’ve continued to hold monthly workshops, even expanding to a first-of-its-kind free full novel workshop, we’ve published books, we’ve held cool events.  And none of that would be possible without the help of a lot of amazing, selfless, talented people.

Here's a picture of Steve I took from his Facebook profile without permission.
Here’s a picture of Steve I took from Steve’s Facebook profile without permission.

One of those people is the grand-tutinest dude Steve Knapp.  Steve Knapp worked tirelessly as our workshop coordinator in 2014 and 2015, I’ll dare say he gave us the best years of his life.

Steve, like so many talented people before him, finally succumbed to the call of jobs that actually pay  money, and he flew away to Chicago with a pretty lady.  (In the interest of accuracy, he may have driven.)

While he served CCC, Steve patiently answered the same questions thousands of times (literally), accepted workshop stories, put up with the ire of writers who can’t follow directions, and made sure that the logistics were in place for every single workshop.

Steve contributed to this community tirelessly, without pay or self interest, and he paved the way for us to expand the resources we offer to the Ohio writing community.

Steve, you’re a good man. I’m proud to have known you and worked beside you.  Onward and upward my friend, you’re a hell of a human being.

CCC is what it is because a lot of people each give a little bit. But a few people give a lot.  Steve was one of those people.

Here’s to all of those who make the world a better place, giving more than they ever expect to get back. Thanks Steve!