Final Call for May’s Short Story Workshop

Tonight at midnight is the deadline to submit a short story to be workshopped at next week’s writers’ workshop.

Who doesn’t have a dusty old file on their desktop labeled “Writing that desperately needs to be workshopped”? Your cat is tired of reading your short stories, and any feedback he provides is subjective, and probably gibberish.

A group of strangers reading the work you’ve put so much time and effort into can be intimidating, but it’s the best way to get solid, objective feedback you can use to become a better writer.

You do NOT need to be a CCC member to attend or submit work, and we welcome writers of all skill and experience levels. Whether you’re a grizzled writing veteran with published work under your belt, or you’re just starting to develop your writing chops, CCC’s writing workshops are a great place to meet other local writers and get feedback in a collegiate-style peer review.

Sold? Submit your short story to Ian at by tonight at midnight to have it in the stack at the workshop next Wednesday, 05/25. You must be present at next week’s workshop to receive feedback, so please only submit work if you’re confident you can attend.

You don’t have to submit work to attend and/or participate. Bring a friend or fly solo, stop by the workshop next week and see what we’re all about.

Questions? Contact us here, or visit our Workshop FAQ here.

See you there!