Craft an Absurd Argument, Win $100

Our flash essay contest is underway! We’ve received some truly absurd arguments already, and we’re looking forward to reading yours before the contest closes on 07/15.


Browse contest entries and learn how to enter by clicking here. 

If you’re interested in winning one of two $100 cash prizes, here’s your mission:

Craft the strongest argument you can muster for the most ridiculous stance. Our judge, Albert Navarra (a practiced attorney and author of The Joy of Argument), will be looking for the most persuasive essay on the most outrageous subject.

A second $100 winner will be chosen by public vote, so the sooner you submit your piece, the sooner it can garner the votes it needs to win! Get rules and instructions for entering here. 

This is, arguably, the greatest flash essay contest out there. We’ve already received entries that promote boredom in school, detail the reasons why you should kill your mother, extol the drinking of urine and, of course, at least one argument promoting Donald Trump for president. Browse all submitted entries here. 

Think you can top these? Prove it! Submit your own argument for a shot at $100. Get theThe Joy of Argument rules and instructions for entering here.

This awesome flash essay contest is sponsored by The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra.  Mr. Navarra, together with his publisher, Boyle & Dalton, have graciously supported the organization and provided funding for this contest’s prizes.

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Learn more and find links to retailers at www.JoyofArgument.comThe Joy of Argument is available from all major retailers in both print and digital formats.