Critical Reading Workshop is Tonight!

We’ll be critiquing Michael Chabon’s Werewolves in Their Youth at the Capital Club this evening. Bring your thoughts, comments, and your teenage angst!

Questions to ponder while reading:

  1. Chabon is sometimes referred to as one of the foremost “stylists” of his generation (referring not, I think, to a propensity for playing with hair, but rather a propensity for playing with sentence structure)–did any of the sentences in this story strike you as being particularly well formed? Did you notice instances in which the sentence structure or paragraph structure helped carrying the meaning of the text? Were any sentences that were out and out duds?
  2. This story attempts to portray the inner and outer worlds of beleaguered tween boys–how does Chabon build these worlds? What details does he use to make them believable? What details does he leave out? What sort of building block short cuts does he use?
  3. The story is split into two distinct halves and two distinct settings–how does this structure help carry the story’s message and intent?

That’s it for questions!

As always, this event is free and open to the public, and you do not need to be a CCC member to attend. The Capital Club is located on the lobby floor of the Doubletree Suites Hotel on South Front Street. Get more details in this ancient blog post.

Check back next week when we’ll be posting discussion questions for you to mull over before the meetup.

Questions? Comments? Got a story you’d love to discuss? Send them to the workshop moderator at See you there.