The Great Novella Contest — Less Than a Month Remains!

Less than a month remains before the submissions period of the Great Novella Contest closes!

Submit your unpublished novella manuscript (15k–35k words) by September 27 for a chance to win a publishing contract with Ragged Crow, an imprint of OWA and publisher of the Columbus Creative Cooperative series of anthologies.

Get all of the details and instructions for entering by clicking here.

Why novellas? 

Too short to shop around to most publishing houses, but too long to find a home in a magazine or collection of short stories, novellas are the proverbial middle child. We have a hunch that there are a wealth of novellas languishing in drawers without good homes. The Great Novella Contest is a mechanism to see what short work is out there, and put one great piece of writing on the map.

Attention spans are shorter, people are busy, and there’s an unmet demand for books that can be consumed quickly. Novellas are the next big (small) thing. Submit yours today!

This contest is sponsored by Columbus Publishing Lab, a provider of exceptional publishing services for authors and small presses. Learn more about Columbus Publishing Lab here.

Best of luck to all of the participating novella authors, and may the best manuscript win!

Problems submitting? Questions about this contest? Contact us at