Last Call: Year of the Novel Class

This is your last chance to sign up for our “Year of the Novel” class.  This class will provide the instruction, guidance, and support you’ve been craving, and you will finish a novel manuscript in 2019.

Learn more and register here:

This class is designed for busy adults, and this is the only time you can take it. So hurry! Classes start on January 9th!

Year of the Novel Class

Here are the answers to a few questions we’ve heard frequently:

Do I need to have an idea for a novel? Nope! If you already have an idea, great. But if you’re walking in as a blank slate, that’s even better. We’re going to show you how to develop an idea from scratch.

Is this class appropriate for a memoir?  Absolutely! One of the biggest challenges for memoirists is figuring out where the real story starts and stops, and how to organize the events and characters in a way that will keep your reader engaged from start to finish. This class will help you to identify and implement all of these elements, whether your story is fictional or based on your real life.

Can I take part of the class online, and part in person?  Definitely. Just shoot us an email at after you register to let us know what your plan is, so that we can prepare the classroom spaces accordingly.

Where is the class? The Columbus section of the class will be held at the Ohio University Pickerington Center which is right off of I-70 on the east side of town.  The Zanesville section will be held at our facility in downtown Zanesville, which is also conveniently off of I-70. And the online section can be accessed from anywhere, with a phone, tablet, or computer.

Is there a lot of extra work besides writing, like reading, critiquing, etc? Nope! We’ve kept extra work to a minimum. We know that for busy adults just finding the time to write is hard enough, so we’ve stripped away every potential time waster to keep you on track and moving towards your goal.

Will I really complete a novel? Yes! If you put 2-4 hours each week towards this project and follow the course guidance, you will complete a novel draft in 12 months or less.

We still have space in our classes, but time is running out. So register right now:  When you’re looking at a complete novel manuscript 12 months from now, you’ll be glad you did.

Questions? Contact us at