Now Hiring: Assistant Project Manager

We are seeking a motivated, organized, self-driven individual to join our team.

As our association has grown, so has the workload. We need someone who can keep all of our ducks in a row, and help us communicate all of our great programs and opportunities to the public.  OWA is currently volunteer run.  You will be the paid glue that keeps all of the pieces together.

While this position will initially be assisting with existing projects, there’s tremendous potential for growth for a candidate that can plug in and take care of business.

This part-time position will start at 10 hours per month.  Hours may fluctuate through the year as our projects change.  Most work may be performed at home or at our office in Zanesville, Ohio.   Candidate must be able to meet in Zanesville or Columbus as needed.

The Assistant Project Manager will assist other staff members with existing projects.  Duties will include social media management, correspondence, and administrative duties.  Strong writing and communication skills are essential.

There are no official requirements for this position. If you can communicate well and execute a task without supervision, please apply!

Interested? Shoot us an introductory email at, and tell us who you are and why this job could be the perfect fit.

Compensation: $9-12 per hour, depending on capabilities and experience.