The Great Novel Contest 2019: How Will You Measure Up?

You don’t find many contests of this size, and that’s a tremendous advantage to participants in The Great Novel Contest.

In the past we’ve set a hard limit of 200 novel submissions.  We’ve lifted that hard ceiling, but we will be monitoring the submissions as they come in and we will stop the contest early if we feel that our judges won’t have time to responsibly and fairly evaluate all of the submissions.

Find the contest rules and instructions for entering here.

Contests that receive tens of thousands of submissions don’t really provide a good feel for where you measure up.  Landing in the top ten finalists is as much about luck as anything else. You may have submitted an exceptional manuscript, but it just didn’t land in the top .001% of submissions that were more or less arbitrarily chosen from all of the exceptional manuscripts submitted. Conversely, there’s a critical mass to this type of thing.  Winning a contest against eight other submissions isn’t going to carry much weight on your resume.

With our expected turnout, if you land in the finalists it’s because your manuscript is in the top 3-5% of submissions.  We have time to honestly and fairly consider every manuscript that comes in, and if yours belongs with the finalists, it will get there.

Roughly 1% of manuscripts actually land a deal with a traditional publisher.  That’s 1% that are good enough to make the grade. With these submission numbers, you can receive some hard data to help you understand whether your work is in that top bracket, or if you need to keep improving.

We’ve worked hard to put together a contest that is fair, honest, transparent, and that is a valuable resource for writers.  

We hope that you decide to submit your manuscript to this contest.  Win or lose, we think you’ll be glad that you participated. You just can’t get good data like this anywhere else.

Learn more about The Great Novel Contest 2019 here.

The Great Novel Contest closes May 31, 2019.