Creating a Business and Legal Considerations – February 13th Professional Development Class

Join us on Thursday evening for a professional development class on setting up the legal infrastructure for your work as an author.

There’s a lot of bad and confusing information out there. We’ll share with you what the law says and the best ways we’ve seen other authors implement smart, inexpensive strategies to keep themselves and their work safe.

We’ll cover how to setup a business and banking. We’ll talk about copyrights, trademarks, fair use, and intellectual property.

If you’re serious about creating work for sale, this is must-have information.

This class will help you to put these topics to bed. No more wondering if you understand it or if you’re doing it right. We’ll share stories of other authors with positive results, so that you can be confident you’re on the right track.

This class is live online at 7pm ET. If you can’t make it to the live class, sign up anyway and you can watch the recorded video for 7 days following the class. We expect a small group for this class, so it will be small enough that you can ask questions if you have them.

Click here to sign up for this class and others.