Why Workshops?

I still remember my first workshop two years ago. We met at the Pizza Cottage in Pickerington. I didn’t submit anything. I was too nervous. I hardly spoke. I sat with my shoulders up to my ears as if I could fold into myself and disappear, but I listened, and what I heard was real feedback. People were diving into each other’s words, into each other’s worlds.

I had to know what I sounded like in someone else’s head, so I did it. I submitted, and it was amazing. I did not agree with every opinion and not every opinion was flattering, but all those opinions had value. The feedback I received at the workshop helped me hear myself differently, and I started to gain a better sense of my voice as a writer. 

I also found something else at the workshops, an incredible group of writer friends who challenged me and made me laugh.

It’s this simple: I submitted the piece to the workshop, and I got a lot of amazing feedback. I took that feedback, and I made the story better. Because of workshops, because of community, I submitted the story to an online magazine, and it was accepted. We become better writers when we support each other, challenge each other, inspire each other. Workshops give us a chance to be writers who do that.

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