Outcasts: An Anthology Story Selection

Thank you for your patience during our judging period. We have selected the final stories for Outcasts: An Anthology. Thank you to the following authors for sharing their stories with us!

Diane Callahan “Man in the Box”

Carnegie Euclid “Little Jimmy”

Mary McFarland “Best If Used By”

Krista Hilton “Good Friday”

David Simon “Treetown”

George Pallas “Number 385712”

Joseph Graves “The Priest and the Robot”

Stephen Kaczmarek “A Tummy Rub for Gaffney”

Devon Ortega “The Bear”

Mike Sieminski “Parquet to the Past”

Steven Kenneth Smith “Axman”

D. Wayne Moore “Sensible Attire”

Stella Ling “The Suitor”

Curtis Deeter “Those Who Slip Through”

Brian Luke “The New Chastisement”

Brad Pauquette “For Sale. Handmade.”

Brian Johnson and Elora Lyons “The Fog of Fate”

Emily Jones “In the Beginning”

Thank you again to everyone who submitted. The judges had a great selection of stories to choose from. We will keep you posted as our anthology develops!