Community Partner: Little City Love

‘Words’ left his hometown and ‘Art’, fled from hers, they met one day along their journey in a city called Columbus, Ohio. What happens when ‘Words’ meet ‘Art’? Well, they realize they could be really good friends. They make stuff.

Little City Love is a local boutique, design and stationery group that believes a handwritten message is a keepsake to record the most intimate and authentic thoughts. They create designs worthy of writing, of art and of words. If you are looking for an ingenious way to say something or if you are waiting to convey an abstract thought through concepts that disappear with the essence of language…you’ve found it. No really, they find eccentric, eclectic words that are vanishing from our vernacular and make pleasing stationery from them and also collaborate with local artists.

All CCC Writer Members and Sponsor Members get 10% off of all products on websites- and Paid CCC Members can visit the Community Partner page  to get a special discount code to use at checkout. Their products make perfect gifts for the writers and readers in your life!

In addition to discounts at our Community Partners, a CCC membership also comes with a ton of other great benefits like access to our writers’ forum, discounts on books and extra anthology submissions.

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Interview with Community Partner Igloo Letterpress

The first and foremost function of Columbus Creative Cooperative is to provide support, encouragement and resources to our growing community of writers. One of the ways we pull that off is by partnering with local businesses who offer products that are useful to writers and other creatives – printing, photography, work space… you name it. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – our writers get an additional value to their CCC membership, and our community partners get to do business with some new and groovy clients. Everybody wins.

To help you get to know our community partners, we’re kicking off a series of interviews with the businesses who are working side by side with the CCC. You can find a complete list of our partners here, but we’re starting off this series with the good folks at Igloo Letterpress.

As their web site describes them, Igloo is a small but mighty letterpress and bookbinding studio, retail shop and commercial printer. In addition to printing nearly anything you can think of (check out their work on Etsy), Igloo also offers classes and workshops on letterpress and bookbinding for beginners and pros; custom printing, and a beautiful gift shop nestled in the heart of Worthington’s historic district.

Owner and ‘letterpress aficionado’ Allison Chapman has poured a lot of love and hard work into her business, not just as a way to make a living, but to honor her grandfather. When she was a young girl, Allison’s grandfather would hand-set and print her poetry on printing equipment that he had originally found in a barn. Although Igloo is now a modern printing operation, much of its products are printed on that very same press.

“I’ve just always had a love of paper, all the things you can do with it,” Allison said. “I have boxes and boxes of the stuff my grandfather printed. It’s important to keep track of that history; I love to see how our technique and skill has evolved over time.”

While any number of Igloo’s services could be useful to CCC members, our partnership with Igloo Letterpress provides you with a discount on the retail side of their business. Just show your membership card in their store, and you’ll receive a 15 percent discount off your purchase. And while you’re there, see if they’ll show you the presses – the aroma of ink and paper will put any writer in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Once again, thanks to the folks at Igloo Letterpress for partnering with us, and for showing us around. It was a great visit – one we hope to repeat again soon. Once you’re done perusing their web site, make sure to follow them on Facebook as well.

Want to see the presses in action?

Click here to watch the folks at Igloo showing off their expertise. 

Announcing new Community Partner Oranjudio

Have you always wanted to record an audio book? Need to spark a conversation with a podcast? Have poetry to share? Look no further…Oranjudio is here!

Columbus’ favorite recording studio and CCC’s newest community partner, Oranjudio is  located in Grandview and is an ideal fit for poets and writers with recording needs.

They offer a 30% discount on recording podcasts to CCC writer members and also have attractive package rates for audio books (vis a vis hourly rates offered by other studios).

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Announcing New 2014 Community Partners

CCC’s 2014 Writer Members are going to receive more benefits and discounts with Ohio businesses and organizations than ever before. Drum roll please!

We are excited to announce we have added two new Community Partners for 2014.

The Robert Mason Co. provides Columbus with office supplies, journals and writing implements that are as highly functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a place to write it all down, look no further. In addition to writing tools that will make you the talk of the coffee shop, you’ll find lots of neat, vintage inspired products. For the 2014 year, CCC Writer Members save 10% off purchases of $75 or more online and in-store at the Robert Mason Co.

Check it out

Igloo Letterpress provides services ranging from book binding to commercial printing to custom print jobs. Whether you need the best business cards on the block, or you’re looking to personalize a writing project with one-of-a-kind print services, the folks at Igloo can help make it happen. For the 2014 year, CCC Writer Members save %15 off their purchases at Igloo Letterpress.

Check it out

To redeem these discounts, become a Writer Member and show your membership card at the time of purchase. Writer Members will also receive a special discount code with their membership for shopping online at the Robert Mason Co.

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