Underappreciated Art Forms

Over the years Columbus Creative Cooperative has participated in many festivals around Ohio. We’ve had a booth at ComFest, Independents’ Day, Park Street Festival and lots of other book-friendly venues. We’ve handed out bookmarks and talked shop alongside painters, printmakers, jewelry artisans and small business owners. And while we’ve had a warm welcome at plenty of events around the city, many arts festivals were unwilling to let us participate.

“Writing isn’t an art form.”

We disagree.

Just because writers aren’t producing something as visual as a painting, doesn’t mean they aren’t evoking visuals. Just because a writer’s medium is a word processor (admittedly, much less glamorous than a palette), doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of expression, communication and interpretation, whether direct or abstract.


noun \ärt\

: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.

Including non-traditional forms of expression within this definition doesn’t dilute or devalue traditional art, it enriches and diversifies it. It allows us to discover, explore and share ideas we wouldn’t normally consider, in ways that get us out of our comfort zone. Writing, computer programming, video game design, machining, graffiti. A studio isn’t the only place where art is made, and a museum isn’t the only place to find a work of art.

We’d like to celebrate and explore these non-traditional art forms. Let us know (in the comments, or via email) which mediums you think are underrepresented in the arts community. Once the people have spoken, we’ll highlight some of these lesser-known forms of expression.

Interested in participating? Email emily@ohiowriters.org