Pre-Register for Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night

Rougarou JENRougarou: Journey to the End of the Night is just two weeks away!

Will you do us a favor?  You don’t have to carry anything, or give money, or show up early.  If you’re planning on coming, will you take two minutes to pre-register on EventBrite?  It’s free and easy.

Click here to visit the EventBrite page.

Thanks to the many people who have already pre-registered.  Registration helps us tremendously by giving us some insight into the number of people who might show up.

Rougarou TShirtMost of the registration options are free, but there’s also a “registration package” available which includes a copy of Hagridden (the book the Rougarou theme is based on) and an awesome American Apparel t-shirt from Outfit Good, all for just $35.  You’ll be able to purchase these things at the event as well, but probably not for that cheap.

Whether you want the package or not is up to you.  But in any case, if you think you’re likely to attend, hop on over to EventBrite for us and claim your ticket.  We really appreciate it.

Have questions or want to volunteer for this event?  Please contact us, or visit

Calling all Volunteers!

We’re putting together a really cool event in September and we need your help!

September 20, 2014 is Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night. Participants will race through the streets of Columbus, fleeing from the rougarou, the creole version of a werewolf. The event combines elements of a 5k, with a giant game of tag.

Learn more about Journey to the End of the Night here.

We’re looking for a few awesome volunteers who are willing to help us man/woman the CCC table at the end of the race. This is a great way to join in the festivities, and help support a great event.

Volunteers will set up at The Gateway Film Center, located at-1550 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201. We need volunteers from 7:30 p.m. to midnight on September 20. We generally break up our volunteer shifts, so if you can only come for an hour or so, that’s OK!

Your responsibilities will be minimal, and volunteering for us automatically gets you into the private after party.

Email with any questions, or to sign up!


Hagridden Giveaway

There’s a Goodreads giveaway going on now for Hagridden, a historical fiction novel which will be released by Columbus Press on August 19.

There are three paperback copies of the book available, each one autographed by the author, Samuel Snoek-Brown. There’s no obligation, and no cost. Simply click the link below for a shot at a free book!

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Hagridden is a haunting drama that unflinchingly approaches race, culture, apathy and humanity stripped to its core. The novel follows two women struggling to survive in the war-torn South as the Civil War tumbles to an end.

I’ve read it, and I can honestly say it’s as good as it sounds. 🙂

While you’re at it, check out this giant, werewolf-themed street race going on next month. Journey to the End of the night combines elements of a 5k with a game of tag and hide and go seek. It’s free to participate in the race and there’s a giant party at Gateway Film Center at the end.

Learn more about Journey to the End of the Night here.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Hagridden by Samuel Snoek-Brown


by Samuel Snoek-Brown

Giveaway ends August 19, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Rougarou JENThank you to everyone who contributed to our recent IndieGoGo campaign for our fall event, Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night!  With your generous support, we exceeded our goal by nearly 25%!’

That is absolutely amazing.  I’m not only thankful for the funds that we can now direct towards this event, but for the vote of confidence from our community.

So much of what we do feels like we’re firing into the dark.  We make books and hope people buy them, we make resources available to writers and hope they get used, but in most cases, there’s not a lot of feedback, and no real-time reward for our efforts.  But this time we asked if you’d like an event, and our community clearly shouted “yes, that’s an awesome idea!”

So, thank you.  I really appreciate it.

If you wanted to contribute but didn’t make it, or the funds weren’t there, that’s OK, there are still lots of ways that you can support this event.  Here are two big ones:

1) Volunteer – If you’d like to volunteer for this event (no skills required), please email us at  We’ll put you to work.

2) Spread the word – At this point, the biggest factor that will determine how much fun we have this fall is how many people turn out to participate.  If 50 people come, it will be fun.  If 300 people come, it will be super fun!  Please mark your calendar to be there yourself, and commit to telling others about this cool event and getting them to show up.

To stay in the loop, you can join the Facebook event here.  Click “Join” and you’ll get notifications whenever we post news and updates to that page.  You can also follow @cbusjourney on Twitter if that’s more your style.

Thank you again for your awesome support.  You guys are amazing, and I feel so encouraged to serve this community.  We’ll see you on September 20!

Hagridden Goodreads Giveaway

There’s a Goodreads giveaway going on now for the book Hagridden by Samuel Snoek- hagridden_book_coverBrown, which will be released August 19 by Columbus Press.

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Hagridden is a haunting drama that unflinchingly approaches race, culture, apathy and humanity stripped to its core. The novel follows two women struggling to survive in the war-torn South as the Civil War tumbles to an end.

There’s no obligation involved with this contest. Simply click the link below, and enter to win an autographed paperback copy of Hagridden.

Did you know there’s a giant, werewolf-themed street race going on in September? Check out Journey to the End of the Night here. It’s free to participate in the game and there’s a giant party at Gateway Film Center at the end.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Hagridden by Samuel Snoek-Brown


by Samuel Snoek-Brown

Giveaway ends August 19, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

If You’re Waiting for the Last Minute, It’s Here

Rougarou JENIf you’re waiting for the last minute to make a contribution to our Rougarou IndieGoGo campaign, the time is officially here.

There are less than 48 hours to give to your fall event, Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night, a giant street game for the athletic and the literary alike.

If you can spare $5 for this event, it goes a long way towards helping us make this a spectacular evening for all.  Plus, there are some cool perks available like autographed books and super nice t-shirts.

Find the IndieGoGo campaign and make a contribution here.  Thank you for your support!

To stay in the loop, please “join” the event on Facebook here.

One Week Left to Support the Rougarou

Rougarou JENOne week remains to support our fall event on IndieGoGo.  Will you take 5 minutes today to give $5 to this event?

Find it on IndieGoGo here.  All contributions are secure, and there are some cool perks!

Your contribution will help us make this event the best that it can be.  Most importantly, it’s how you can voice your support and approval for this event.  But the funds also help us buy materials for the event, and promote it so that we can have a good turnout.

To learn more about the event, Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night, visit, or we have additional relevant blog articles here.

If you can’t give today, please take a moment to at least share this IndieGoGo campaign and awesome event with friends and family.

Thank you for your support.

I am not an Athlete

I am not athletic.  In fact, I find participation in most athletics to be embarrassing.  When I was in the 4th grade, some kid told me I ran funny, and it’s never been the same since.

I tell you this because even though I am not athletic, Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night (JEN) is about the most fun thing ever.

Rougarou JENJEN is like a 5k race, but mixed with a scavenger hunt and a game of tag.  When the event starts, everyone gets a map with the locations of 5 secret checkpoints.  It’s your job to find the checkpoints in order, and get to the end.  The catch is that there are people chasing you (Rougarous), trying to tag you.  If you get tagged, you turn into a Rougarou and are supposed to tag other people.

Each of the checkpoints is a unique experience.  Our theme this year is the Rougarou, which is like a Creole werewolf.  So you can expect each checkpoint to carry that theme and create something really cool.  At each stop, you’ll have to complete some kind of task relevant to the theme before you can move on.

One of the best parts about JEN is that it accommodates any level of athleticism.  Last year there were some fitness types that took off running and completed the whole thing really quickly.

I, on the other hand, sneaked around with my wife and one of our friends, exploring routes and paths through downtown Columbus that we never before knew existed, relying on stealth and cunning to get from place to place.  At one point, we stopped into a bar and had a beer before continuing on — you know, really laying low.

I’m sad to say that my wife and our friend were tagged about 100 yards from the final safe zone at the end of the course.  In a rare bout of athleticism and heroics, I took off, left the ladies to fend for themselves, and sprinted to the safe zone.

Honestly, I don’t even know who “won,” I was just happy to make it to the end “alive.”  And I know that I had a great time getting there.

If you want to run fast and get all sweaty, that’s cool, this event has that for you.  If you want to go for a really cool walk through the city, exploring places you’ve never been and having a good time, JEN has that for you too.  Whatever your style and interest in exercise, this is a really fun event.

Currently, we’re running an IndieGoGo campaign to make this event happen.  Regardless of how much money we raise, we’ll still produce the best event that we can.  But the fundraiser really goes a long way towards making the event fun for non-athletes.

The jocks are going to run and get the thing done like they do at every other 5k, the checkpoints will be a miner inconvenience.  For us non-athletes, we’re there for the experience.  When we get to a checkpoint, we want to feel the Creole rougarou voodoo, and see some really cool stuff.  A lot of the money from our fundraiser will go to props and theatrics for the checkpoints, to create that really neat Rougarou experience that amps up the event value for everyone.

JEN is fun for everyone, regardless of how much money we raise.  But if you could help us push this thing over the top by giving even $5, we can make it even better.

Find the IndieGoGo campaign here.

In any case, I hope that we see you at this event on September 20, 2014.  Maybe you and I can grab a beer halfway through while those jocks expend all their energy.  🙂

What’s Your Rougarou Story?

You ever heard someone tell you the story of the time they ran a marathon?

“I ran between the markers for four hours, and listened to my iPod.  Towards the end I got really tired, but then I finished it.  Also, I saw buildings and people.  Oh yah, and I put a 26.2 sticker on the back of my car.”

That’s pretty much everyone’s marathon story, right?  Snooze fest.  Running a marathon is certainly an admirable accomplishment, and a feat deserving of praise.  But when it comes to stories, it’s kind of a dud.

yellow_rougarouConsider instead what you’ll hear after a Journey to the End of the Night event:

“I hid under a car so I wouldn’t get tagged, then I ducked into bar, had a beer, and went out the fire escape.”

“There were two of them after me, closing in on me on their bikes, one of them jumped off and ran behind me, I could hear him right there, but just before they tagged me, I made it to the safe zone.”

“When I got to the check point, the sun was setting.  We were at this abandoned warehouse with graffiti all over it.  Out of nowhere, six guys suddenly appear wearing black robes and those ghost masks.  Nobody said a word…”

“I made it here alive!”

Story is a critical element to our event Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night (JEN).  It’s not about completing a 5k or getting there first, it’s about having a unique experience in our awesome city, and sharing this one night with friends and strangers.

The best part about JEN (for me, at least)  is that you don’t have to be athletic to be good at it, and you don’t have to be good at it to have an awesome time.

When the event starts, you’ll be given a map with 5 checkpoints on it.  You’ll have to get from checkpoint to checkpoint (you choose your own course), and get to the end without getting tagged by a Rougarou.  At each checkpoint, you’ll have to complete a challenge (normally something silly, but nothing hard), in order to move on to the next.  If at anytime you get tagged by a Rougarou, you become one yourself and have to tag other people.  Frankly, if you become a Rougarou, it’s just as much fun as finishing the race.

The game is just as much about being clever, sneaky and patient as it is about being fast or strong.

And, most importantly to me, it’s about story.  Look for more in future blog posts, but it’s important why the Rougarous are in Columbus, Ohio, and what happens to you. How you get into and out of predicaments is critical to the game.  The best part is at the end, which will be held at the private lounge at the Gateway Film Center, where old friends, new friends and people you’ve never met before are all trading stories about how they got out of a jam, or how they finally got caught.

Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night will be held on September 20. It’s free to participate in.

To stay in the loop, join our Facebook event here.  We also need the support of our community, if you can make a financial contribution on our IndieGoGo campaign, it goes a long way. Plus there are some cool perks available.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow, smart or dumb, you’ve got to check out this event.  It’s going to be a really cool night, and one way or another, you’ll come away with an unforgettable story.

Rougarou Volunteer Information Meeting Tonight

yellow_rougarouCome out tonight (Thursday, 7/17) at 7 p.m. to learn more about our fall event, Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night.  Whether you’re interested in volunteering or just want to learn more about what exactly this thing is, you’re invited to attend.

The meeting will be held at CCC HQ – 2997 Indianola Ave., Columbus, OH 43202 (in The Salt Mines).

All are welcome to come.  You do NOT need to be a CCC member, and there is no obligation or pressure to volunteer or participate.

The meeting will last about 30 minutes, and then we’ll hang out for a few minutes to answer everyone’s questions on a one-on-one basis.

We have all kinds of volunteer roles available.  Whether you want a leadership role, or just want to hang out in the background, whether you have skills to contribute or just like to carry stuff around, we’ve got a job for you.  Come out tonight and get in on the ground floor, while all of the volunteer duties are still up for grabs.

You can learn more about this event on the official website,, or on the Facebook event here (click).

We’re also running an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the event.  Find that here.

We look forward to seeing you tonight.  We’ll have refreshments available.  If you have any questions, please contact us.