“Holiday Blitz” Flash Fiction Winners!

We have chosen the winners of the “Holiday Blitz” flash fiction contest.

Our judges have selected:

“Visions of Sugarplums” by Leslie Munnelly

“Eight Flickering Candles” by Aaron Wyckoff

Congratulations!  Stories were judged on their ability to successfully create complete plot and character elements in less than 2,500 characters, as well as how creatively and effectively the randomly provided images were incorporated into the story.

Our Popular Vote winners are:

“The Christmas Compromise” by Heather Constantinescu

“Countdown” by Stephanie Waite

“The Great Christmukkah Disaster As Told By Hobbes” by Priscilla Blossom

The top vote earner automatically won, and two of the remaining top ten vote earners were randomly chosen.

All winners will be given their choice of a $10 Amazon.com gift card or a free Writer Membership for 2013!

Congratulations to the winners!  And thank you to everyone who submitted a flash fiction story to the “Holiday Blitz” Flash Fiction Contest.

“Holiday Blitz” Flash Fiction Contest Now Open!

Our latest flash fiction contest is now open!

For our “Holiday Blitz” contest, writers are given three random images (including a variety of winter holiday images).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write an original story of 2,500 characters (about 500 words) or less that incorporates a winter holiday.  Find complete rules and instructions for entering here.

Don’t let the winter holiday aspect stop you from writing horror, science fiction, action, whatever you want.

We’ll award 5 winners with a $10 Amazon.com gift card, as well as all of the bragging rights a winner deserves.  Three winners will be chosen by our voting system and two will be chosen by our CCC judges.

The top vote earner will win, and two of the top ten vote earners will also be randomly selected as winners.

Our CCC judges will look for overall writing quality, successful and creative use of the provided images, and successful plot and character development.

This contest ends on December 15, 2012.  The earlier you submit, the more time you have to collect votes (or not, if you choose).

We put on flash fiction contests because we think it’s fun, and it’s a great way to practice writing and work up the nerve to put something out to the public.  Don’t be a humbug, if you need logic and order, this isn’t the contest for you.

Happy writing, and happy holidays!

P.S. Kwanzaa candles and a hannukah menorah are different things, make sure you have the right one if you score one of those images (hint: kwanzaa candles have the African unity colors – red, yellow and green).