“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest Judges’ Choice Winners!

It’s time to announce the judges’ choice winners for our “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest!

This contest was judged by Birney Reed, author of “Rerun” (included in While You Were Out anthology), and Amy S. Dalrymple, one of our editors for While You Were Out.

These two judges generously read every submission and selected the winners based on overall writing quality, ability to clearly develop plot and characters in a short amount of time, and how well and creatively the random images were integrated into the story.

Grand Prize: Congratulations to Rachel Crow, author of “Blink”.  You’ve won an Amazon Kindle!  Great work developing your characters.

Second Place: Congratulations to Casey McCarty and her story “Hatchling on the Riverfront”!  You’ve won a $25 Amazon gift card.  Thanks for the fantastic and very creative story.

You can browse all of the flash fiction stories here.

Honorable Mention:

All of the stories contributed by authors previously published by CCC.  Find a list here. These stories weren’t eligible to win prizes, but many of them were fantastic.

“Spot” by Carla Dotters

“Pizza on a Purple Planet” by Heather Constantinescu

“Going Home” by Ronald Gillespie

These stories demonstrated great quality of writing and creative use of the random images, and were close contenders for our prizes.

Other Winners:

Find our popular vote winners here.

Find the random voter who won an Amazon Kindle here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Flash Fiction Contest.  We hope you enjoyed it!  We run contests like this one to encourage our writing community to engage each other, promote their writing and have fun with the written word.  We hope that it was successful for all of our writers!

Don’t forget, the deadline for submitting work for consideration for our Bicentennial Columbus anthology project is Sunday night (May 27, 2012)!  Get the details.

“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest Popular Vote Winners

Part of becoming a successful writer is learning how to market yourself.  Two contestants in our “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest proved that they can do just that!

Congratulations to Brian Justus and his story “Give It Blood” for collecting 439 votes and winning an Amazon Kindle!  Great work Brian!

Congratulations to Ronald Gillespie and his story “Going Home”, which collected 382 votes, netting him a $25 Amazon.com gift card.  Nice job!

You can browse all of the great flash fiction stories here.

Stay tuned to the blog, we’ll announce the much anticipated CCC judge selected winners on Thursday!

Don’t forget about our newest anthology, While You Were Out, as well as our latest open call for short story submissions for our Bicentennial Columbus project (deadline May 27, 2012).

“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest Now Complete

The “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest is now complete.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

We’ll be announcing the winners on the blog over the next few days, so stay tuned!

You can find the contest and read entries here.

Please note: the randomly selected voter will be receiving an email from info@ohiowriters.org with specific instructions that must be completed within 24 hours.  So, if you were a voter, please check your email regularly, and don’t forget to check your “spam” folder too.

Flash Fiction Contest Ends Today!

Our “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest ends today!  Check out the contest here.

Remember, if you’re a CCC Facebook fan, every vote for a story is a chance to win an Amazon Kindle.  So, become a fan today and then vote for some stories that you like, you just might win a Kindle (or gift card if preferred).

If you’d still like to write a story, you’re not too late!  Half of the winners will be chosen by CCC judges, your vote count won’t change your odds of winning, so get your story in by midnight.

We put on this flash fiction contest to encourage our community to write and have fun with it.  Everything’s a little more fun when there are cool prizes at stake, and we’re happy to provide them.

If you enjoyed this contest, please support Columbus Creative Cooperative by purchasing one of our anthologies.  You can shop our books here.

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“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest Ends Friday

Ticking clockThe “Life Happens” flash fiction contest ends Friday!  All stories must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 18, 2012.  Main contest page.

Voting will end at the same time.  We’ll sort out the prizes  and post the winners to the blog next week.

Remember, the easiest way to win is to vote for any story and “like” CCC on Facebook.  You can vote for as many stories as you’d like, and each vote is a chance to win.

A note to writers: don’t forget that half of the winners are chosen by CCC judges and your vote count doesn’t matter.  Just so you get your story in by the deadline, you’re qualified to win, even if you don’t get any votes.

We hold flash fiction contests because we want lots of people to enjoy writing and participate with the cooperative.  Flash fiction contests are a quick, easy and fun way for us to encourage the art of writing.  We give away prizes because we can, and things are more fun when there’s something at stake.

If you enjoy this contest, please support Columbus Creative Cooperative by purchasing one of our anthologies.  Shop here.

“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest – One Week Warning!

Only one week remains of the “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest.  You can find the contest here: http://columbuscoop.org/writing_contests/

There are lots of ways to win, but you only have one week left.  Contest ends on May 18, 2012.

1) Vote for a story and “like” CCC on Facebook.  Every vote for any story is a chance to win.

2) Submit a story and get selected as a winner by CCC judges.  No votes or promotion required, just have the best story.

3) Win the vote contest.  Granted, if you haven’t started yet, you’ve got your work cut out for you.  But the votes aren’t that high yet, so you could still win.

Don’t wait, play “Life Happens” today.

This contest is brought to you by the release of our latest anthology, While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection.

Also, don’t forget to submit for our next publication project: Bicentennial Columbus.

Flash Fiction Contest Update

We’ve got some great contenders for your flash fiction vote in our “Life Happens” contest.  Some folks are getting very creative with their random images.

You can browse all of the flash fiction stories here.

Birney Reed kicked our contest off with “Jock Mentality,” and our most recent entry is “It Takes Guts” by Matthew Hance.  Since these two guys both happen to be authors published by CCC in the past 12 months, neither of them are eligible to win prizes, but they’re still great candidates for your vote!

Also of note is “Under His Wings,” a beautiful story with some great, quick imagery by Gabrielle Gold.

Don’t forget, if you’re a Facebook fan you’ll be entered to win an Amazon Kindle just for casting a vote for any of our contestants.  Each vote is a chance to win.  Details here.

While You Were Out BookThis contest is brought to you by the release of While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection available in paperback and e-book format.  E-books are on sale for only 99 cents through April 30!

All are welcome to participate in the “Life Happen” Flash Fiction Contest, get started here.  It’s not too late to get started, the contest runs through May 18, 2012.

Also, don’t forget that we’re now accepting submissions for our next big publishing project, the Bicentennial Columbus anthology.

Vote for a Flash Fiction Entry for a Chance to Win an Amazon Kindle!

Our “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest is underway, and we need your help!  We need you to vote for the stories that you like the best.

Two winners (of four) will be chosen based on your votes.  If you find one you really like, you can come back and vote for it once per day.

Here’s the best part:  if you’re our fan on Facebook, every time you vote is a chance to win an Amazon Kindle.  The more times you vote, the better your chances of taking home the Amazon Kindle at the end of the contest.

If you already have an e-reader, or just don’t want an Amazon Kindle, you can choose to receive an Amazon.com gift card instead.

Here’s what you do:

1) “Like” us on Facebook!

2) Stop in to read some flash fiction stories.  Cast a vote if you like it!

3) Tell your friends and family about this cool contest. 🙂

Any questions?  Please contact us, or ask in the comments below.  Don’t forget to read the contest information and rules too.

“Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest Now Open!

While You Were Out Available NowThe “Life Happens” Flash Fiction Contest is now open!  Writers are given three random images and asked to write a 2500 character (about 500 words) or less story that uses all three images.

We’ll be giving away nearly $300 in prizes to the winners, including three Amazon Kindles (or a gift card if preferred) and two $25 Amazon.com gift cards!

We’re even giving away one Amazon Kindle to a Facebook fan who casts a vote for a contest entry.  Every vote is an entry!  Simply “like” us on Facebook, and then vote for a story to win, and you’re entered.

Half of our winning flash fiction stories will be chosen by public vote (that’s you!), and the other half will be chosen by a panel of CCC judges, with no regard to public vote count.

The contest runs through May 18, 2012.  As soon as your story is submitted, it will be available to the public for voting.  So don’t wait.  Get complete contest information, instructions and rules.

You can always find our contest home page here.

It’s free to enter a story.  Odds are, you’ll have fun.

This contest is brought to you by the release of While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection, to be released on April 25, 2012.  The e-book hit stores first, and is currently available for only 99 cents through April 30, 2012.  On April 1, the price goes back up to $3.99.  Get the e-book on Amazon.com today.

Please contact us with any questions.